Have you ever looked at a picture hanging on your wall? If you haven't (I bet you have), then go do that now. Ask yourself "What is the first I notice about the picture?" Is it the colours? The Shapes? The objects in it? The size?

Whichever you notice at first, I'm willing to bet that it's not the frame!

Look at the picture again, and imagine that the frame has been spray painted lime green, encrusted with cheap costume jewels, and is crooked. This would probably distract from the picture.

If gentlemen picture themselves as the frame, and the lady the picture, this shows clearly how to approach ballroom dancing. If the frame is overbearing, it distracts from the picture. The frame must be strong and solid, without being overbearing (or tacky!).

Guys, you're objective on the dance floor is to make the lady you're dancing with feel like she is the most beautiful one in the room. The more you do that, the more she will want to dance with you.

Lead her confidently, but don't lead her into steps that you KNOW she doesn't know, just to show off how many intricate steps you know - this will make her feel foolish, and will make it less likely that she will want to dance with you.

Ladies, imagine your gentleman sweeping you off your feet, knowing that he won't run you into a wall, or other couples, or make you look foolish on the floor - that's a great feeling., isn't it? In order for him to do that , you must not back lead; the more you back lead, the less he will lead. The more you let him lead, the more he will lead.

Take this philosophy onto the dance floor, and you both will enjoy dancing together more and more. or, if you're single, you will be the type of lady the every guy wants to dance with, or the gentlemen that the ladies fantasize about being with on the dance floor.
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