You have raised your children, are getting close to retiring (or are already retired), and it happens. You look across the breakfast table at your partner and think, “We haven’t done anything together in ages. It’s time we get to know one another again. To fall in love again, to rekindle the fire”.

The problem is finding something that you can both do together at the same time that invites romance. There are many things that couples can do together, but finding something that is both active and romantic is getting more and more difficult.

There was a time, not so long ago, when couples went dancing EVERY week. There was always a place you could go, where couples would whirl around the dance floor, creating an enchanting, lively scene. Dances like that are more difficult to find, but they are in fact out there, some of them right here in town.

 Now imagine yourself taking your partner onto the floor and being able to move with confidence and poise. Picture how great it would feel to sway with the music, you and your partner in tune with one another. When you learn to dance in an environment that is fun, exciting and makes it easy, you become involved in an activity that exercises your body as well as your mind in a way that few other hobbies allow. Dancing with each other, you will find that you also learn to co-operate and encourage one another. Spending time together; and bonding with your partner while engaging in a new and entertaining pastime.

There are benefits for both gentlemen and ladies in dancing.

For him, it’s the ability to take your partner onto the dance floor, and have her thrilled to be there; while most men are not motivated by the promise of feeling “light and free and floating”, if a lady wants to feel that way, and you have that ability to give her what she wants, she will be happy. If you don’t have a clue as to how to move your hips like a Cuban, that’s still quite ok. But, if you can get a woman to move her hips, and put a genuine smile on her face while doing it, why wouldn’t you?

For her if it could be summed up in one sentence; because it makes her feel beautiful. Despite what you might think from watching movies and television, dancing is not about just looking like a fairy-tale princess or movie star. It’s about feeling like one. The promise of a gentlemen making you feel like the most beautiful lady on the dance floor is one of the most magical aspects of couples dancing. No amount of makeup, botox, spandex, hairspray or airbrushing can make a lady’s eyes light up from the inside, or put a genuine smile on her lips like moving with a partner while he twirls and sways with you to the music.

Many couples that begin dancing make it a weekly “date night”, and some have been dancing together for many years. All of these couples are in long term marriages, with some having over thirty years together.

Frank and Marian O’Connor have been attending their weekly dance lessons for over 13 years. When they were asked by a group of young people how they managed to stay married for so long, when so many marriages are ending, Frank simply responded “I take my wife dancing every week”. As expected, the youths responded with many “awwwww”’s, and “that’s so sweet”. The couple just looked at each other, and smiled knowingly.

Never danced before? Don’t worry. Once you get the first steps of a dance under your belt, the rest is like learning to walk – one step at a time.

Soon you’ll find yourselves caught up in a whirlwind of romance, sharing, working together, and gliding across the floor. If you are looking to reconnect with your spouse, dancing together may just be the ticket.

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