We've all seen it. We may have even been through it ourselves. There you are on the dance floor, moving gracefully across the floor, you and your partner enjoying every minute of the music and atmosphere. And then, there it is.

A couple, who are at the beginning of their dance journey trying a step that you have mastered years ago. What is the right course of action? Do you stop and offer them help, so as to speed their journey along? Or would you just keep dancing?

If help is offered, you run the risk of explaining the step in a way which they wouldn't understand, and it could possibly make the situation worse. There is also the risk of offending their sense of their ability (i.e. making them feel like lousy dancers). I think we can agree, none of these scenarios create the desired outcome.

There may be a way to solve it.

Try this. As you dance by a, start by giving them encouragement by saying "I remember learning that step - it's a tough one", or "I had trouble with that step when I learned it". Say something that lets them know they are not alone in their struggle, and that may also invite them to say "How do I do this step?".

Always encourage them to ask an instructor first, and then if they still ask, briefly explain the step.

There is no hard and simple solution to this problem, and every situation is different. Please take this little lesson on etiquette with you the next time you're on the floor.