Have you ever wondered why there can be such a difference in the fees charged for what seems to be the same class? What you'll find is that Zumba classes are not all the same. There are some fundamental health and safety issues that contribute to the fees. Here are some of the questions you should ask before joining a class.

1) What is the floor like?

Doctors are reporting more and more injuries from Zumba classes. When attempting any kind of physical activity on a hard tile, brick or cement floor, it can cause serious and permanent injuries to your feet, knees, hips, and back  from the constant jarring effect of landing on an immovable surface. The chance of injuries are greatly reduced when there is a "floating floor" and reduced even further with a "sprung floor". AIM has 3 different rooms, all with dance floors installed.

2) Are the instructors upgrading their skills?

Training and experience are an essential part of an instructor's routine. When your Zumba teacher comes from a dance background, you can be assured that you are doing technique that reduces the chance of injury, and increases the fun of the class.

3) What is the average class  size?

When the classes are kept small, you will have more room to move, offering you a better workout. You should not been constricted by space when doing a Zumba class.

4) Is there Air conditioning and/or dehumidifiers?

Keeping the air cool and the humidity levels low allows you to breathe easier during a class. This allows a more efficient exchange of oxygen, which in turns allows you to work your muscles more effectively, without the breathing problems that can occur during extreme heat..

5) Can you see the instructor? Can you see yourself?

Most dance studios have mirrors, so that you can see your instructor from many areas of the dance floor. This also means that you can see yourself. While this can be intimidating at first, you'll find that it's easier to make sure you're doing the steps properly when you can see how you're moving.

6) Is there free water available?

Keeping your body hydrated is a fundamental aspect of ANY fitness regimen. Fluids must be replaced in order to keep yourself cool and functioning at an efficient level. There are always water coolers making water available for free, all the time.

7) Is there parking available?

Parking on the street, or in a "bad" area of town is always risky. Make sure the parking lot is lit, and has a direct pathway to the facility.

8) What is the sound system like?

Most portable sound systems are designed with two speakers. What that means is that you are either blasted with sound because you are standing right beside the speaker, or have a hard time hearing because you are too far away from the speaker. At AIM, the speakers are placed in each corner of the room , allowing all participants to hear the music, yet not be blasted into the next room.

9) How long has the class been offered at the facility?

If you're going to begin a fitness program, one of the primary factors is being able to continue it for a period of time. AIM has been at the same location since 2000, and has been offering Zumba classes since 2008. This gives you the benefits of knowing that we will be here tomorrow, and that the instructors are some of the most experienced around.

10) Is there a sense of community and friendship at the facility?

It's much easier to reach your fitness goals when fitness is fun and friendly. In a class of 60 or more people, it's difficult to make new friends, and the instructor cannot be in tune to that many students' needs. Our students are the friendliest, & most encouraging that you'll find anywhere!

These are the top ten reasons why some Zumba class fees are higher than others. All of these reasons contribute to your enjoying your classes more, and getting a great workout at the same time.